It may have ended a fortnight ago, but attendees of Gottwood Festival are still daydreaming of fairy lights and beats – just check out the gushing messages left on the event’s Facebook page. Set within a forest that would do Hans Christian Andersen proud, there is a beach a half hour’s walk away (if you trespass a little and are fond of walking amongst sheep)  and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes waking up in London the day after it’s over a very difficult task indeed…

Gottwood takes place near the sleepy village of Llanfaethlu in Anglesey, where there are more farm animals than people. Our chirpy taxi driver is cranking up ‘Keep On Moving’ by seminal late 90s/early noughties group 5ive as he tells us about the event. “They don’t allow the locals in to the festival” he says.  “It’s a good thing, nothing ever happens around here without a fight”. Before we’ve had time to worry about our belongings we’re there, and the lights are already twinkling in the trees. There are swings, seats inside mini-wigwams and an igloo with psychedelic visuals called The Space Station. There are three further dance areas, but the site itself is very cosy – you can walk up and down it within ten minutes, which makes it easy to meet people and find things.

Later that night Mr Scruff has warranted a queue to get in to the Mixcloud Wood Club, a two-floor cottage guarded by a surly bouncer. He switches from soul to house to disco to drum and bass throughout his five hour set, but techno and house dominate over the weekend; there are countless ecstatic ‘House Music All Night Long’ and ‘I Get Deep’ hands-in-the-air moments. While the dance tents are heaving sweatboxes at night, during the day the weather is too glorious to be out of the sun. The sea is about half an hour’s walk away but there is fencing to climb over as well as sheep pissing all over the place (why are they always pissing?), but it’s all worthwhile when we find a sandy beach with heavenly clear blue water, even if the Irish Sea is hypothermia-inducing.

After three days of utopia no one wants the magic to stop, and when the music finishes abruptly at 11 pm on Sunday night in the Mixcloud Club both the crowd and the DJ chant “we shall not be moved”. But all good things must come to an end, so some of us proceed to a tent to experience the world’s first ever harmonica/beatboxing combo, while others wander around till the early hours searching for a sound system or a short sharp burst of nitrous oxide to end the night with.

Best bits: The music: Mr Scruff, Jamie XX, Lee Foss, Phil Kieran, The Cosmonauts, Dan Beaumont, Max Cooper, Midland, Andy George, all the Louche guys on Sunday, etc etc – we don’t witness a duff set all weekend. The beautiful location, the surrounding fields and the beach. The friendly, smiling punters – who largely appear to be students or recent graduates – who make Gottwood one of the most welcoming events we’ve ever been to. We even like the roast hog/chicken and rice/pancake stack food offerings. Heck, we like all of it.

Worst bits: On Friday afternoon the toilets are already clogged up with shit. The organisers do call maintenance and manage to salvage a few, but we would have been lost without antibacterial wet wipes.

Gottwood are hosting a boat party at Croatian festival Stop Making Sense in August.