Hailing from Austin, Texas, Ringo Deathstarr have been causing quite a stir with their My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus & Mary Chain inspired music. Gutter caught up with singer/guitarist Elliot Frazier to talk touring, culture shock, and gig expectations…

What has been your reaction of both fans’ and critics’ reception of your debut album?

We are very pleased with everything, so far.

What do you draw on for inspiration when writing/recording? And what in particular inspired the songs on Sparkler?

I don’t know of any one thing to draw on. I just look inside my brain at everything, and something in there will be useful, or not! Sparkler was purely a reaction against the musical environment that I was experiencing in 2006/2007.

You’re currently touring the US and Canada and you have European dates in the pipeline, what are the differences between audiences at home and abroad?

There used to be more of a difference, like Americans were too uptight, but that is changing now. Our fans are at shows and they all look like they’re having fun! The difference is in Japan, where they are extremely supportive of us!

Have you experienced any culture shock when touring outside the US?

No, not really. Due to time constraints, we don’t really get involved in anything outside the culture of being a touring band and meeting like-minded people in whatever country we are in. Music clubs, bars, restaurants, being in the van all day…but again, the most interesting place for me is Japan because it is way different from the Western culture. Last time we were there, I was able to explore on my own, which was awesome!

Recording of your follow-up to Sparkler has already begun, how is that coming along?

Just barely got started, we keep having to tour!

What can fans expect from a Ringo Deathstarr gig?

Guitars, drums, bass! I think people who know our songs can hear the vocals, while those that are hearing us for the very first time might think they can’t hear the vocals…

What are you future plans as a band?

More of the same stuff. If we ever make a lot of money, we will invest it into something like a bar that sells musical instruments, because why do music stores close so early when musicians are out so late?! What if you need a guitar string, or an instrument cable, or an amp in an emergency?

Ringo Deathstarr play London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Tuesday 2nd August 2011.
Sparkler is out on July 25th on Club AC30 Records.