While belching through a 12 of Natty with fellow bloggers from the music site Quarterlife Party at the Annex a few weeks ago, we waited patiently for Dustin Wong to take the…ummm…stage? Platform? Anyway, while most of the acts that night were what you would expect from “The Scene’s” scene, we perked up when a rawkus bunch of young ‘uns took to the mikes.
We fell instantly in <3 with the new band Dee and the Warlocks. This is def a band to keep your eye on.
The band, made up of Naomi Dee (guitar, vocals), Jacob Seaton (drums) and Luke Spicknall (guitar) is a part of the tight line-up at the Bell Foundry on Thursday and we wanted to get up with them before hand. They were kind enough to answer our inane “rock journalist” questions. Thanks dudes.

Gutter: So tell us a little bit about yourselves. How long have you been a band? Are you all from Bmore?
Dee and the Warlocks: We are three bad mamajamas. We started playing in early April. Jacob and Luke are from the Baltimore area and Naomi is from suburbs of Philadelphia.

G: We had a fellow blogger, from the music site Quarterlife party, with us. He detected a bit of Heartless Bastards in your work. Are they an influence? If not, which bands are?
D&TW: We haven’t heard of them yet … but our influences include: The Misfits, The Pixies and Nirvana.

G: Speaking of influences. Anyone on the Bmore scene influence you as a band?
D&TW: Yeah we’re into: Christopher Nobody and the Nothing, Beach House, and they’re not really from Baltimore but Black Eyes.

G: You’re rather fresh on the Bmore scene. What do you think when you look around at other bands? What’s the scene like to you.
D&TW: Everyone is doing their thing and it rules. There are lots of good friends and it’s a fun deal. We feel like a lot of the music coming out of this city is very different. There is a lot of sonic diversity and there is room for all of it.. you can definitely see a crossover between all sorts of genres in Baltimore’s local music scene, which is awesome.

G: Naomi Dee (get it?)’s guitar is awesome. Where did she get it?
D&TW: It is a Buddy Guy signature Strat. My dad got it for me from a local guitar store when I was 14. I’m all about black and white patterns, stripes, spots and optical illusions.. its something I also try to incorporate into my artwork.

G: How many originals do you have. Are you eying an album?
D&TW: We play all originals and we are currently recording an album called Jupiter Flower to be released this Halloween. Get. Stoked.

G: As a new band, what’s it like coming into an industry that’s in so much flux? Do you even need things like album companies anymore? What’s your opinion of the music industry landscape?
D&TW: We aren’t really in the industry, not worried about it either. We have no issues with it… that’s just not where we are at right now. We are more interested in finishing this album and releasing it ourselves to people that want to hear it.

G: Day jobs? Got any?
D&TW: Yeah. Jacob is a manager of a local guitar store, and Luke is a real man and works construction. Naomi is currently a printmaking assistant at Space 1026, a local artist collective and gallery in Philadelphia. During the year she is a full time student at Maryland Institute College of Art.

G: If you shook a magic 8 ball, what do you think would show up right now?

Here’s the Full line-up for Thursday’s show at The Bell Foundry:

Drunk Monks (Bodymore, MD)
Feels like your surfing a very large, fast-moving wave.
Dee and The Warlocks (Brawltimore, MD)
Matt Pless
Ten Thousand Leagues (Los Angeles, CA)
The Lottery (Baltimore, MD)
Very dark and heavy music with the accompaniment of a nice Cello.
Fuck Yes!
$5-$7 Donation for touring bands.
Have fun, sweat a lot, respect the house.