Part of the Second Wave of Detroit techno DJs, Stacey Pullen’s sets are sometimes fast and furious, sometimes jazzy and soulful, but always unpredictable in terms of musical genres.

He cut his teeth in the early 90s, touring Europe every weekend alongside mentor Derrick May, and introducing new audiences to the sounds of the motor city. Having done early remixes for Kevin Saunderson, he began releasing his own productions under the names Kosmik Messenger and Bango.

The last time Gutter witnessed Pullen playing at Fabric was at the club’s 11th birthday party in October last year, when he easily commanded a packed room 2. It’s unquestionable that he should be much bigger than he is. Find out why this Saturday.

Stacey Pullen and Delsin Records at Fabric, Saturday 20th, 11pm – 8 am, £18.

Room 1: Levon Vincent/Bruno Ponsato (Live)/Stacey Pullen/Shaun Soomro

Room 2: Delsin Records with Brendon Moeller (Live)/Mike Dehnert/Delta Funktionen/Newworldaquarium

Room 3: Terry Francis/Eddie Richards/Russ Yallop