Chairlift garnered a fair amount of radio and TV play with their breakout single ‘Bruises’, in no small part thanks to its feature on an iPod nano advert. Their debut album was indeed a breezy and trend-conscious affair befitting of Apple’s corporate image.

After losing one member in the interim years (Aaron Pfenning, who left to pursue his solo project Rewards), Chairlift return with a new single, ‘Amanaemonesia’. Weighing in at over 5 minutes this is certainly an attempt by the band to progress their sound. The track begins with, and indeed maintains, a Phil Collins-style bass line that segues into a synth-driven chorus. The song would definitely not feel out of place on the GTA Vice City soundtrack, right from its indecipherable and nonsensical title to its sassy danceability. If the rest of the upcoming album continues along this vein then Chairlift should by all means become a staple in any reputable indie DJ’s repertoire.

Amanaemonesia by Chairlift

Amanaemonesia is out now on Terrible Records.