London trio Cardinal Jack are set to hit the airwaves with their dancefloor-friendly indie-soaked sound. Originally members of rival bands, Paul Eaton, Tom Williamson, and Mark Kempson swapped influences and shared ideas during a post-night out jamming session. Bonding over their university experiences and shared musical influences (The Smiths, The Beatles, The Police and Mars Volta) the foundation for Cardinal Jack was built, and the group penned a track – ‘Day & Night’ – during that very first gathering.

The band will release ‘Green Eyed Boy’ on 26th September, the first single from their forthcoming debut offering We Shall Start The Dance. ‘Green Eyed Boy’ boasts an irresistibly dark but dancey backbeat that gives a clear nod to Joy Division, and would fill even the dankest indie disco.

We Shall Start The Dance will be released through INFUSE, a division of the University Of Hertfordshire’s very own record label, UHRecordings. Download the title track here.