Glasgow ensemble Remember Remember are known for their contradictory hybrid of colourful and psychedelic sounds.  This month they make their anticipated return with The Quickening, so Gutter caught up with Graeme JD Ronald for a quick chat about the “difficult second album”, their forthcoming tour, and performing in playschool…

How did recording the “difficult second album” go?

Thankfully, the dreaded “difficulty” of that famous phrase didn’t, I don’t think at least, affect us when we were making the album.  Perhaps because there was a different group of people involved, it didn’t feel so much like a second album…almost like another first album.  I hadn’t really thought about it in that way until just now but it makes a kind of sense.

You have recently taken up residence in a disused playroom of a primary school, has this influenced you at all?

Having a place like that to store our equipment and practise regularly has had a huge, positive influence on the band, but as for any The Shining-esque influence wherein the building and its history psychologically influences the people within that building….that remains to be seen.

What do you draw on for inspiration when writing and recording?

With this album, songs were inspired by, amongst other things, Mikhael Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita, Scottish folklore, Genuine Nerd Toby Radloff, the Japanese Tsunami, Alejandro Jodorowski’s The Holy Mountain, Erin Kuker, the Isle of Bute, Takeshi Suga’s photography and John Candy.

Do you think working on projects without the other members (Green Door Studios) has affected the band?

Everyone in the band has other projects.  James is a great composer/arranger in his own right and him, Steven and I play in Happy Particles together. Steven is the main songwriter and singer in that band.  Tommy just earned a first class degree in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art, Joe sings in the tremendous Take A Worm For A Walk Week and also writes his own drone music which received a great deal of critical acclaim when he paired up with dancer/contortionist Iona Kewney for a series of performance art shows.  Andy is also the drummer in the amazing, visceral punk band Divorce, and Joanne both plays with another great band, The Ballad Of Mable Wong, and has just completed a Masters. It’s important to be busy!

Remember Remember is made up of quite an ensemble, what are the pros and cons?

The obvious benefit to having such a large group is that we are able to play ambitious, multi-layered pieces of music without having to rely upon backing tracks, which is becoming something of a necessary evil for people making certain types of music. The drawbacks are, of course, the extra amount of planning that goes into organising band activity around the schedules of 7 busy people, it isn’t cheap for us to tour either.

What do you hope for from your forthcoming tour?

Without trying to sound trite, all that I hope for is that people come down to the shows and have a good time, tell their friends and ask us to come back.

REMEMBER REMEMBER // John Candy (Radio Edit) by TheArtOf…

The Quickening is released on Monday 26th September on Rock Action. Catch the band live at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters on Thursday 22nd and Glasgow’s Stereo on Saturday 24th.