A few weeks ago we introduced you to London-based indie trio Cardinal Jack, who are set to release their first single, ‘Green Eyed Boy’, on Monday. Gutter caught up with the boys via email, and they explained what makes them different from other bands and what their first album is all about.

Cardinal Jack are… Cardinal Jack, elaborate?

It’s just a statement of honesty. We started the band with no agenda. No ‘let’s sound like this’ or ‘let’s look like them’. Let’s just get in a room and see what happens. What you see is what you get. CJ is us 3 as a collaborative band, not three musical individuals.

What sets you apart from other bands?

It’s difficult to pigeonhole our sound into one genre or band. It’s always ‘you sound like this but yet totally different’. It’s still a dreaded question. We can’t think of another guitar three-piece with three singers in every song, so maybe it’s that.

What did you look to for inspiration when working on your debut?

Without crawling up our own arses, ourselves. There’s always stuff going on in our lives both individually and collectively that we can write about, no matter how trivial. We even wrote about a leaky cowboy boot, we’re that profound!

What can we expect from a Cardinal Jack gig?

A sandwich of energy, timbral ambivalence (we just googled that to sound good), a slice of cheese (Emmental or Monterey Jack), good times and good songs, all washed down with a few Guinness. And more songs squeezed into 30 mins than a lot of other bands.

We Shall Start The Dance is your promise to the public, tell us more…

It stems from our nights out. We’re like a gaggle of 50 year old rellies on a hen do when we go out. We have been known [to] strut our stuff to our favourite tunes every now and again. Paul has a pretty decent peacock/Jagger vibe going on when he gets going. This I suppose then reflects in the music that we produce.

Green Eyed Boy is out on September 26th, We Shall Start The Dance is out on November 11th, both on INFUSE.