Of all the things going on during this PACKED weekend: see High Zero, Baltimore Book Fest, Betascape, we’re looking forward to the Nudashank Gallery’s Strange Grip show tmorw night. While peeping around at the artists on the roster of this site specific show, we came across the incredible art of John Bohl.

About Bohl’s work” “There’s a lot of melting and airbrushing going on, with somewhat camouflaged stabs at consumerism. Then again, maybe I’m just seeing sprinkled donuts because I’m hungry. It’s like all that melting sludge is the black sheep wandering around the sterilized Disneyland we want our future to be.”-Beautiful/Decay.
Hope you can make it. Bohl is showing with fellow artists ANDREW LIANG and

Nudashank Gallery:
H&H Arts Bldg. 3rd Floor
405 W. Franklin Street
Baltimore, MD
Opening 7-9 p.m.