Idaho were formed way back in 1992 by high school friends Jeff Martin and John K. Berry.  You Were a Dick is their 8th album. In all that time the band never penetrated the mainstream consciousness, and now it’s a solo project of Martin’s.

Despite its title the record is no Bloodhound Gang-style send-up but an introspective, pensive piece of work. It is obvious upon first listen that the music Idaho make certainly won’t get much radio play. Intimate and fragile, the album has the feel of a diary laid bare. Martin whispers lines like “I hope you don’t take it personally/that I disappear like that” and “Do we have to know just where we are going?” with a heartfelt sincerity and warmth. At times the vocals almost resemble a lullaby.

The songs have a minimalist structure, weighing in at mostly under 3 minutes and consisting of spidery guitars and ponderous piano riffs. It feels as if Martin has taken on the film score qualities of post-rock and condensed them to shortened glimpses of headspace.

As beautiful as You Were a Dick can be it does feel like an album that has limited appeal in our age of craving for immediate impact and infectious pop tunes. The lack of momentum that hangs over the album is unusual and acts as much to its detriment as to defining it.

IDAHO ‘You were a dick’ by TALITRES

You Were A Dick is out now on Talitres.