The Killers’ drummer, Ronnie Vannucci Jr, has been following in bandmate Brandon Flowers’ footsteps of late. Teaming up with Taylor Milne to form Big Talk, Vannucci has shunned the drum kit to take centre stage for a taste of the limelight as frontman.

The band released their self-titled debut album in July, proving they were capable of coining numerous catchy rock choruses by taking a leaf out of The Eagles’ songbook. Saturday night saw the accompanying tour roll into Glasgow for an intimate gig at The Arches, with Most Thieves providing the support. The Las Vegas-based outfit are gaining prominence in the UK and their solid, confident set gave fans a sample of their infectious sound. Big Talk opted for a low-key affair, churning out tracks from their album including the stand out ‘Getaways’, ‘Replica’ and ‘Under Water’, which managed to exceed their brilliance on the album by taking on a new and exhilarating lease of life performed live.

Playing to a modest crowd compared to the audience that The Killers normally pull in, suited Vannucci oozed charisma while chatting with his fans. Milne was overshadowed however, and had to be content with taking the backseat as chants of “RV! RV! RV!” dominated between tracks.

Vannucci, who is set to return to The Killers to complete their hotly-anticipated forthcoming album, has excelled with Big Talk. If his solo project was simply something that he needed to get out of his creative system, he has done so very well indeed. On the other hand if he is keen to return to it in future for another album and tour, Big Talk has the potential to be much more than just a side project.

Big Talk is out now on Little Oil Records, in association with Epitaph Records.