The much anticipated self-titled debut album by Veronica Falls opens with a production-polished version of the Tim Burton-esque love song ‘Found Love in a Graveyard’, yet retains the low key vocals of the original single. What follows is a similar blend of tracks, with jangly crisp guitar lines and rough harmonics by singers Roxanne and Patrick.

‘The Fountain’ puts a darker twist on the indie schmindie formula, with Roxanne lamenting “I lost my baby to the winter”, echoing the style of a softer Siouxie and the Banshees.

‘Stephen’ wouldn’t be out of place on a Lemonheads album, indicating a metaphorical revival of ghosts, through their influences and lyrical content. ‘Beachy Head’ is a dark, suicide note with a nod to the grunge 4-chord hits of the 90s.

The most memorable track has to be ‘Misery’ with an infectious guitar hook revealing a Vaselines’ influence in the style of the unpolished vocals of Frances McKee. An unexpected acapella folk singsong at the end of the track makes for a surprising albeit slightly unhinging coda.

Closer ‘Come on Over’ is a stronger, more hard hitting affair, with soundscapes of Sonic Youth’s Sister era and My Bloody Valentine. “It’s getting colder/come on over” is the perfect soundtrack for the darker nights that are approaching.

Veronica Falls is out on 17th of October on Bella Union. The band play at London’s The Lexington on 20th of October and Glasgow’s Captain’s Rest on 22nd of October.