While Daniel Brandt and Jan Brauer both have jazz backgrounds, Paul Frick first studied classical music. When the three met in 2008 they realised they could combine their penchant for classical composition to make techno and house music with analogue instrumentation, and Brandt Brauer Frick was born. During a live performance you won’t see a turntable in sight, instead you’ll find the trio using drum machines and keyboards, often accompanied by other instrumentalists such as a harpist or a horn section, their May gig at Bush Hall being one such example when they took to the stage with a ten-piece ensemble. The result is biting techno with a nod to polyrhythmic arrangements and classical flourishes, danceable yet intriguing enough to be observed.

This Wednesday the band perform at Fabric with Anglo-French DJ and former radio host Ivan Smagghe supporting. Check the video below to find out what to expect.

Brandt Frauer Frick live/Ivan Smagghe DJ set.

This gig has been cancelled.