copyright Zach Morehouse 2011

Nothing brings out a crowd like naked people.
Tonight,Gallery 788 is hosting their second annual Erotic Art show.
Now, we like the nekkids as much as the next “art lover” but one can only take so much of tattooed suicidy girls suggestively licking and striking poses that would make most contortionists envious and old bearded men who call themselves “photographers” just to hang some chick from a rafter or get all up in her business. It’s not for everyone.
BUT there are a few artists that we think make the trip worth it.
Take for instance our boy Zach Morehouse. Love his work. He’s a little grittier than most and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Morehouse has had a few successful shows around town including one at the Depot.
We’re also down with NYC artist El Stabo (some NSFW). This dude’s work is seriously dope. He’s one of the real brightspots on the city’s street art scene.
In all honesty, this annual show is a great tonic to the city’s otherwise uptight art scene and will be packed. With people.

Other artists include:
Mark Wagner
Jim Fredlund
Graham Snodgrass
Hannah Kaufman
Paula Ibey
Art Zilio
AJ Seagrass
Cameron Shojaei
Fran Rahl
Debra Rahl
Zuzana Buskova
Stephanie Sheen
Tabitha Learn
Bart Tararuj
Julie Filderman
Dana Chepolwitz

Gallery 788
788 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland