MGMT typify an indie band who somehow find themselves caught in a meteoric rise to the top and end up traumatised by the consequences. Their second album, Congratulations, saw them almost petulantly trying to shed their casual fans. Featuring no discernible singles, a centrepiece track  that was over 12 minutes long (‘Siberian Breaks’), and a title track that satirised the phenomenon of fame, Congratulations duly paled in commercial performance compared to its predecessor.

Their selection for the Late Night Tales compilation series shows some of the influences behind Congratulations. Present are a host of indie stars from yesteryear, including Television Personalities, whose singer MGMT paid tribute to on the track ‘Song for Dan Treacy’. Their contribution is the pensive ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’, which is flanked by the similarly dour ‘Ocean’ by The Velvet Underground and ‘Cheree’ by Suicide.

Though the majority of the songs on the compilation express life’s dissatisfactions and dips, including MGMT’s cover of English goths Bauhaus’ ‘All We Ever Wanted was Everything’, there are songs that express other moods, such as the playful instrumental ‘For Belgium Friends’ by Durutti Column and 50s soul from Charlie Feathers with ‘Mound of Clay’. The uniting factor behind them all is a sense of intimacy and directness that befits the connotations of the title of the series.

The mixing on the record is seamless and adds to the mood the tracks construct. On this evidence the forthcoming third album from MGMT should further their rebranding from post nu-rave party boys to sombre progressive rockers.

Late Night Tales: MGMT is out now on Late Night Tales