Formed in 2009, Volkova Sisters are songwriting duo Daniel Sandor (synth) and Dalma Berger (vocals), accompanied by Gergely Kovacs on guitar. Born out of a shared love of dark, melancholic 80s new wave, the band are part of the Hungarian underground DIY music scene.

The band, who took their name from Pattern Recognition, a novel written by celebrated science fiction author William Gibson, are set to release their debut 5-track EP Venus Robot on October 24th. Venus Robot is chiefly concerned with the theme of loneliness, and Volkova Sisters have pegged it as a concept effort as the tracks follow the different phases of isolation following the breakdown of a relationship.

The band members’ outside projects have allowed them to combine their talents in creating, directing, recording and shooting all of their own releases and music promos. Berger has graced runways in Milan and directed music videos and photo shoots, Kovacs has produced several trailers for HBO working as a visual creative, and Sandor produces many upcoming bands on the underground music scene in his very own mastering studio in Hungary.

VenusRobotEP by volkovasisters

Venus Robot is out on 24th October via digital download.