London based 5-piece Duologue emerged in 2010 with a sound that mixed both dark electronica with straight-up rock, and a number of self-curated events featuring the likes of Matthew Dear and Darkstar among others. They release their second 4-track EP A-B on November 7th. Beats programmer Toby Leeming speaks to Gutter.

First of all could you give some general background info for our readers, where and how did you all meet and how long have you been together? How do you describe the music you make?

We’ve been playing together as a 5-piece for about 3 years but Tobes and I started messing around before that. It grew from a studio project that we did through a shared love of various electronic music as well as a love of bands and songwriters etc. Once we’d figured out the electronic stuff initially we then got the band together and worked like maniacs, trying out everything we could think of, refining it and refining it until we have the sound we have today. It’s always hard to describe your own stuff, particularly when you have broad tastes and interests but I guess we’re an indie/rock band with a lot of electronics going on. That’s not that catchy a tagline, I’ll leave the rest to you guys.

What made you want to make music? Who are your inspirations?

I think like any honest creative pursuit you just do it, there’s not much choice about it. We’ve all been playing music for as long as we can remember and I certainly wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wasn’t doing it. One of my all-time personal heroes is Tom Waits. The way he has constantly pushed his music forward, experimented and challenged himself – even when a lot of people wanted him to keep doing variations of his early work for the rest of his career – is a real testament to what a true artist can be. And he wrote lines like ‘there’s no devil, only God when he’s drunk’, you’ve got to love that.

What’s been your favourite moment as Duologue so far?

The new EP. It comes out in November and feels like a really good snap shot of where the band is at the moment. We’ve tried to show all our interests on it – heavier, electronic moments, more bandy stuff, a ballad and a weird, nightmarish rock thing – quite a lot to fit into four songs!

What kind of approach to songwriting works best for you?

We very much treat each song as a project within itself and to that end some come out of jams and others are more studio-based. The song itself is the key and we try and make everything else, production included, work towards supporting that. ‘Push It’, the lade track off the new EP, was the product of jamming on it for about 4 hours every week for a month or so.

What was working with Lewis Kyle White like? How important are the visual accompaniments to your music and how do you view their deployment in modern music in general?

In the original brief for the ‘Get Out While You Can’ remix I’d wanted a real bird to decay and for us to shoot it in time-lapse. I still think that would be amazing but it was clearly not feasible, we didn’t have a bird or 6 months to do it in. Lewis’ development of that idea into something really electronic was great and really fitted with the song. With the subsequent three videos his take on the concept was right on the money, we’re really happy with them.

What would you like to achieve in 2012?

We’d like to put out an album. We think we’re ready now, have worked hard on the live set to make it as exciting as it can be and have the album already sketched out – exciting times.

A-B is out on November 7th on Wild Game Records. Catch them live on November 3rd at Elekctrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street, EC1V 1NQ.