While we took some smacks for our Occupy Baltimore editorial, HERE,we’ve been behind the Occupy Wall St. protests from the beginning.
So we spent some time this weekend going over what the webs thinks.
Here’s a selection of editorials we feel like sharing from some of our fav. news sites.

“By 6 AM this morning, Zuccotti Park had almost literally turned into a circus. Hundreds of earnest protestors crammed into the square of wet pavement, including a troupe of elaborately costumed and caped women who could’ve been out of a USO show, a circle of New Agers who repeated onomatopoeic chants around an arrangement of candles, people dressed as Santa Claus and Superman, a guy wearing a robe made of foil, and dozens of kids with bandanas around their faces in preparation for the Big Showdown that was scheduled to happen Any Moment Now.”- QUIET RIOT by Vice magazine

“Melissa Rowell sits on the edge of the fountain smoking a cigarette. She says she’s here in solidarity with the protesters. She also says she has a friend on the New York City police force who “spent the night in central booking” after arresting some people at the New York protest.” –Baltimore City Paper

“Sal Cioffi and Randy Otero are union electricians from Local 3 of the IBEW in New York. They’re working on the Freedom Tower a few blocks over in lower Manhattan. Over the past couple of days, they’ve taken to having their lunch in Zuccotti Park, in the middle of the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have set up camp here. The event has grown sufficiently that it’s now attracted almost as many food trucks and mobile falafel units as it has television-news trucks, so there’s always some place for Sal and Randy to buy lunch. So they park themselves on the stone bench, put their hard hats on the ground and, almost organically, they become part of the event.” -Esquire magazine

“Included among those motivations is a general sense of being scammed. It’s hard to demand new rules when it seems like the existing rules are already being ignored.” –Rachel Maddow

The Best Occupy Wall Street sign photo slideshow:

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‘We Are the 53 Percent’: The Right’s ‘juvenile’ Occupy Wall Street retort– The Week

“The protestors benefit by treating Wall Street as an abstraction because it permits them to tap into familiar narratives. Allies are made of everyone who believes, as so many do, that dishonest financial elites take advantage of the basically honest masses; that big, greedy corporations maximize their profits by screwing regular folks; that the top one percent of Americans possess wealth that is obviously incommensurate with what they’ve earned relative to “the 99 percent.”-The Atlantic