What could you possibly say about A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas? And what I mean by this is, what could I possibly say about A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas? It’s one of those movies where you know what you’re going to get. If you’ve seen any of the others or just parts, don’t anticipate any surprises coming from either Harold or Kumar, right?

I’ve seen the first, where they quest to find a White Castle, and a healthy chunk of the second, where they escape from Guantanamo. The ingredients don’t really change: drugs, nudity, vulgarity, penis-jokes, poor decision making that leads to improbable circumstances, Neal Patrick Harris. If this is your preferred concoction, you won’t likely be disappointed by this third installment. And I think it’s safe to say that I’m not going to convince you not to see it.

What I might be able to do is plant a seed for anyone that has resigned to letting this one slip by in the cold autumn night.

My reasoning for seeing this movie and seeing it in the movie theater will be explained in four simple points.

1. The 3D
Many of the 3D movies that are coming out today try to make it an immersive experience. They don’t want to have things jabbing at you, becoming gimmicky for the sake of 3D. It’s disruptive and doesn’t serve the story. It wants to pull you deeper into the world the filmmakers are trying to create.

Well, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas doesn’t really have a story. That’s not true. It has one, but it’s not exactly deep enough to immerse yourself in, like the same way you can’t immerse yourself in a puddle of spilled bong water (I only use “bong water” because of the context.) They are free to make the 3D a complete joke and have fun with it. And that’s have fun with it as opposed to make fun of it.

It allows them to ratchet up the absurdity when angry Pre-Occupy Wall Street mobs sling eggs at Harold or bullets zing by their heads as chunks of cocaine cascade down like the first snow fall. When you know that they are using the 3D as part of the joke you judge it less. You’re in on the joke.

2. Wafflebot
The hot new holiday toy is a little robot (looks like Omnibot for those old enough to remember that little scamp) that makes fresh waffles. You pour the batter into its head and out pops a waffle. I’m not saying see the movie because Wafflebot saves them from Ukranian gangsters by spewing hot syrup on the ropes that they are tied up with or that he falls in love with Kumar… “Wafflebot love Kkkuuuummmmaaaarrrr.” I’m saying see it because a robot that makes waffles is awesome and the more people that know about it, the more likely it is that someone actually makes it.

3. NPH
Once the movie starts rolling it doesn’t take long before you start waiting for Neil Patrick Harris to show up. NPH in the Harold and Kumar movies is like if Barney How I Met Your Mother was a character on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Saying he steals the show doesn’t really cover it. He is the show. Harold and Kumar are bookends. They are the bread, just something to hold the meat… hmm… I might regret that later. Oh well… moving on.

NPH is awesome. Ten minutes of his antics in these movies is worth the price of admission.

4. ?
I forget the fourth now. I had it when I started writing. I should really start taking notes or something. Cracked-out baby? Thomas Lennon? That guy that played Casey Jones in TMNT, but now only plays criminals or creeps? Danny Trejo in a Christmas tree sweater? Think… think… think…

Well, it’s gone.

I guess what’s nice about HK3DXmas (hello sexy hashtag) is that it’s completely absurd. It’s nonsense and a diversion. We’re on the verge of the mania of the holidays. The movie theaters are going to start getting packed with Oscar contenders (J. Edgar), seasonal kiddie fare (Happy Feet Two) and sentiment-laden, heart-string-tuggers (We Bought a Zoo). This is almost a palate cleanser. It gets you ready for the many flavors that the holidays will soon be delivering.

I never really thought I’d be an advocate for a Harold and Kumar movie, but here I am.