Denmark’s Trentemøller has a formidable reputation as an electronic producer who embraces the clarity of real instruments, and this is well exhibited on his latest remix release, simply titled Reworked/Remixed.

The artists receiving remix treatment here are expectedly taken from a wide range of genres, going from Franz Ferdinand to Mew to UNKLE, as well as tracks from Trentemøller’s 2010 LP Into the Great Wide Yonder. At 25 tracks spread over a double CD there is enough material here to consume a whole weekend.  Despite its length the album does not lose its hold on the listener. The predominant mood here is deep and dark and one for the serious electronica fans rather than casual clubbers. ‘Even Though With You’re With Another Girl’ (I Blame Coco Version)  has a threatening tone with a repetitive and hypnotic riff, and similar treatment is doled out to the correspondingly themed ‘No You Girls’. Just when attentions may drift, such as at the start of the second disc, ‘Neverglade’ and ‘The Mole’ by Chimes and Bells kick in with menacing energy. In all these tracks Trentemøller exhibits a talent for creating epic soundscapes that are best enjoyed alone with some good quality headphones.

The aforementioned track ‘Neverglade’ appears as an instrumental version to end the second disc. Led by an acoustic guitar and a glockenspiel it winds down the album like the set closer to a night. Introspective with a touch of gloominess, it reflects the current narrative of electronic music that Trentemøller continues with aplomb.

Reworked/Remixed is out now on In My Room.