Gutter Fav france de griessen

who is not afraid to walk on the wild side

in a way that i think would make most american’s flinch

got her rock on last week

god bless her

Klub is a dark cellar of a venue

low ceiling minimal lighting

save the one spot that just burns out every photo

so you just make lemon aide

you got to get high with the wide in such tight spaces looks like you hung from the ceiling

france is an interesting one


of her own free will and volition

stopped eating meat at age four

the holiday season had her going off about foie gras

fair enough

the place was 1/3rd photographers and videographers

it is just interesting to watch

all teh big cities are like this

i am not sure if it is the dreams or the disposable income

it used to bother me

but i am happy to see people creating france gave her usual theatrically charged rock show

they had to make move

the bass player smashed his hand earlier in the day

but Shanka picked up the slack

the love was good