photo by Daniel Bedell.

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is one institution that we at Gutter would gladly cross the river STYX like a Bat out of Hell on a Crazy Train to defend. Srsly though. If you’ve never been to a BROS concert, or witnessed the madcap antics at Artscape, then your miserable hipster life is meaningless.
Got this from BROS HQ. Help a BROS out, son!:

“Attention brethren! Baltimore Rock Opera Society is gearing up to produce it’s most bowel-releasingest rock theater production to date, and we need your help! BROS is searching far and wide to recruit creative types to lend a hand in all aspects of ValHELLA, a Norse mythology-inspired ragnarokoperetta. Say what? ValHELLA tells the story of three demigod brothers and their role in ragnarok, the downfall of the gods that created the world we live in today–all in 90 minutes. That’s right, BROS is finally packing the epic into a sittable time frame. If you want to be a part of it, the following departments want to hear from you:

Prop building
Animation & Special Effects
Set building
Backstage crew
Front of house crew

If any of this describes what you’re into, or even if you can help in a way we haven’t thought of yet, please contact Mungo at and let him know what you’re interested in doing. All work will be done on a volunteer basis, but you’ll be able to share plenty of Natty Boh and receive our eternal gratitude.
More info at