The past week saw the drop of a new collab by one of our fav local pop artists, LazerLibby, of the duo Lazer Bitch and hip-hop artist Baltimore Ray. This is one of the better collabs we’ve heard in awhile.
Give it a listen.

Stack [Baltimore Ray feat. LAZERlibby] by LAZERlibby

We’re admittedly a LITTLE late to the game on this next track, but we’re hoping that our UK bretheren and um…sisteren would give it a listen.
Last week, the new (and completly awesome) Lower Dens track, Brains was sprayed all over der internetten. We dig and so will you. We’ve also included a good lil’ mixer from Den’s lable Ribbon Music.
Lower Dens – Brains by Ribbon Music

Ribbon Music:
Ribbon Music Label by Ribbon Music