If olde school hoe-downing is your thang, there’s a battle between three bands at the Windup Space tnght that you might want to check out.
The battle between the Barnyard Sharks, Oella and Bobby E. Lee and the Sympathizers threatnes to tear a hole in the space and time continium. Promise.
“These three bands hate each other and this damn show is a grudge match– perhaps to the death. It is not your normal battle of the bands– you don’t get to vote. Nobody wins. Everybody loses. Rock and roll, country and western, insults and ass-kicking— that’s what’s gonna happen,” according to anon post on the group’s FB page.
Frightening. Truly frightening.
Hope you can make it. Out. Alive….;)
Here’s a taste:

The Windup Space
12 W. North Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21201
$5 cover.