Baltimore artist Jeremy Crawford’s paintings have always explored the boundaries of representation. With his new series “We Are Gone”,, Crawford has carefully stripped away the countenances of his subjects to suggest a sense of faded remembrance. After creating each piece Crawford used sandpaper and water to blur out specific features leaving the viewer with a sense of familiarity but obscuring any distinct identifying features. The figures approach an abstract impressionism, evoking moods, emotions and imagined scenarios.

Crawford’s paintings have always explored the boundaries of representation, but many of the paintings in “We Are Gone” started without even a clear definition of who the subject was. As each work developed, the characters began to develop a personality and became someone that was familiar to the artist. The same idiosyncrasies that we dredge up when trying to recall someone‚Äôs face emerged in the paintings, and led the artist to the identity of his subjects. Some of the paintings are based on people, others are rooted in abstract concepts, such as death or love. Crawford believes all loan deeper insight into the way we perceive identity.
“We Are Gone” new works by Jeremy Crawford opens at the Metro Gallery on Thursday and will run through April 1st. The opening reception will be held March 22 from 6pm-10pm with special music by Raili Haimila of Lo Moda and Mike Furniere of Sri Aurobindo. “We Are Gone” shows through April 31st.

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