The Annual Spring Fling goes down this Saturday, April 14th.

In 2001, a new venue opened at 930 N. Charles St. that would forever change the ambiance of Baltimore’s cultural district. There were already more than a few destinations in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood — The 13th Floor, Club Hippo, the then-thriving “Kobe” after-hours, however it was an ambitious commitment to DJ/Producer artistry that would define Red Maple’s success throughout the next decade.

Red Maple at Night

Within the first week of opening its doors word had quickly spread about the sultry interior design, housing multiple fireplaces and even a garden terrace. The low-key front exterior played an integral part in developing a niche clientle of those who were ‘in the know’ about music. The owners did not model themselves after some previous success story, but rather set an entirely new standard in Baltimore.

There are many DJs who have helped make Red Maple the staple it is today, from early pioneers such as Kerem Ulken, Chris Brooks, Cool DJ Willie, & Jay Gray, to the modern day hit makers like Brandon Riggs & Patrick Turner, Cullen Stalin, and ForQuarters Collective. There is a rare quality found within many of the artists who have been associated with the venue: A willingness to make personal sacrifice for the greater good of the nightclub.

Another essential element of this case study in Charm City nightlife is the delicious kitchen at Red Maple, thanks to Chef Colin Innes. His small plates are far superior to other so-called “tapas restaurants” in Baltimore, which have almost certainly not paid a visit to the Iberian Peninsula (much less San Sebastian – Spain’s Holy Grail of Tapas.) We highly recommend nearly all of the dishes on this excellent seasonal menu – a few favorites being the Filet w/ Gorgonzola & Balsamic reduction, Pumpkin Dumplings, Asparagus Tempura, and the heavenly Risotto Cakes.

Just recently, Red Maple was dubbed “The Best Venue in Baltimore” by Navid Zaharie, boss of Washington DC’s ‘Stranger than Paradise’ crew – the promoter group largely responsible for making DC the internationally respected music destination that it has become in recent years. Coming from someone who is essentially one of the top tastemakers in dance parties nationwide, that statement holds serious weight. The recent Cocoon Workshop production in association with Deep Secrets was easily one of the best events in recent years. It’s only fitting that his long-time partner Rosario would serve as the official guest DJ for this Saturday’s annual Spring Fling event, celebrating 10 Years of deep grooves at Red Maple.

Join in the festivities at 9pm – 930 N. Charles St. in Baltimore. Dinner & Dancing until 2AM.

For table reservations, contact Stephanie Remulla –