Any band can write a three minute song, play it to a crowd, come off stage and say they played a good gig but it’s the bands that interact with the crowd, get the people to sing along and laugh along to all their mistakes that are remembered the most.

That is the kind of band Siphon are, a three piece rock band from the south of Scotland. Siphon have toured Scotland playing venues in places such as Glasgow, Dumfries and Dumbarton. Once they step foot on stage they control the crowd whether it be from their catchy, melodic riffs or their stage presence

Throughout the gig the band had fun on stage whether it was from frontman Doog Hunter’s energy on stage or Ash Hart’s guitar soloing, spitting distance from the crowd. The stage was set up to resemble their music video “Hold This Minute” with various spotlights poking though the holes of a black canvas in front of the stage. The unique set up of the stage put Siphon on par with professional bands like Guns N Roses and Aerosmith.

Technical difficulties plagued the set and slowed the gig down but the band played on regardless!

Siphon demonstrated great musical talent with all their songs especially from frontman Doog Hunter who effortlessly switched from guitarist to vocalist. Once their problems had been fixed, they made up for lost time by jamming out some chords and Hunter improvised a solo to compensate fans. Their impromtu jam session on stage showcased both their musical ability and their relationship as a band being able to feed off of each others energy.

Siphon create a memorable show by displaying huge zest on stage and getting the fans involved in their music. Their ability to shake off their technical hitches and continue with their set earned Siphon the respect of their fans and is what makes them stand out from most bands across Scotland