The Vibe are an alternative four piece from Dumbarton, Scotland who have already caused a stir on the live circuit despite only forming two months ago.

“There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Wrong” is their debut offering, available on soundcloud. I sat down with guitarist, Craig White to talk influences, favourite venues and day jobs. . . . .

How did The Vibe come together?
The Vibe originally started out when I was doing my own solo project. Every now and again I would ask my friends Steven and Nicola to play as a backing for me but they felt my ego was too big calling it a solo project so we decided to be a band, The Vibe. We got together, had a few jams and it seemed to click nicely and that’s how The Vibe came about.

What influences you as a band?
We have a whole lot of different influences. Our bassist, Kenny is very into Duff McKagan,Steven’s into a lot of classic rock as well as modern music like Black Stone Cherry and Nicola and I have an alternative rock background so it’s quite a collection of different influences brought together and it seems to be working quite well.

What are the best venues that you’ve played as a band?

We played our debut gig at Captain’s Rest in Glasgow. We’ve done some local gigs in Dumbarton and played at the Barrowlands. We’ve also played some underground festivals; we’ve only been together around 2 months so it’s all about the right place at the right time at the moment. We have a few gigs coming up very soon at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow.

What is it like being a musician?

We have a lot of freedom to do what we like because we are unsigned and an underground act. It’s important for us to first and foremost, have fun and enjoy sitting down as friends jamming and writing songs. Being a musician allows you to meet all sorts of different people and gets your confidence up allowing you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Are you working on an album at the moment?

We are currently working on an EP; we’ve got 4 tracks so far, one of which is complete and available on our website. We’re looking to get and EP or even an album out by Autumn.

You’re scheduled to perform at this year’s “C In The Park” in Loch Lomond, tell me about it. . . .

“C In The Park” initially started out as a folk festival but with more bands getting involved over time, it has become an indie/rock/metal festival. We were approached by organisers who really liked our sound and we have been busy promoting it on radio and getting other festival slots on the back of it.

How do you juggle being in a band with having day jobs?

It certainly is tough having full time jobs or being students and being in a band but we just work out a rough timetable and slot things in when everyone can manage it. We usually get one or two practices done in a week whether it be at someone’s house or in the studio. We try to work around work and family commitments and have fun while doing it! Software like soundcloud make sending songs or ideas to each much easier, too.

With so much competition on the Glasgow music scene, what makes The Vibe unique?

We always try and mark the scene with our music. We’re always friendly towards other bands and are happy to help put on gigs with other bands for people. It’s about getting in the good books of other bands and promoters hoping it helps us stand out. We also think it is important to offer something to your fans, whether it be a free download or inviting people on stage to perform with us during a gig. The Vibe can each play two instruments so it makes each set different and shows how versatile we can be.

What is next for The Vibe?

We have a fundraising gig in our local Costa Coffee in Dumbarton. We have a gig lined up in The Garage in Glasgow and we’re supporting Nine Black Alps in Bath Gate. We’re taking a well-deserved break over the summer before heading into the studio to record our EP and play some gigs to support it.