Every music lover dreams of their perfect festival headliners . . . .

The Rolling Stones

They represent a musical heyday I wish I was part of and embraced the original festival spirit. I’d love to hear them play “Start Me Up” as I definitely think it would start the crowd up! And who can resist those Jagger moves?!

The Strokes 

They are the epitomy of modern Rock ‘N’ Roll spirit and proof that the genre is certainly NOT dead. They would have to play “Juicebox”,which in my opinion is one of the sexiest Rock ‘N’ Roll songs of our generation. Not many words can describe the atmosphere and feeling when thousands of people are screaming “Why won’t you come over here?'” in the middle of a mucky field.

Bruce Springsteen

OK, I’m cheating a bit here since he is a festival headliner this year but he’s just a fantastic man! He may practically be a pensioner but ‘The Boss’ is still the Daddy of Stadium Rock. I’d love to hear him play any of his back catalogue but particularly, “Thunder Road” or “I’m Goin’ Down”. Fingers crossed he plays one (or both!) at Isle Of Wight Festival this year!