Festivals are all about the headliners; allow me to share with you just a few of the bands I’d be booking if I were in Geoff Ellis or Michael Eavis’ wellies . . . .

Queens Of The Stone Age

One of my favourite bands of all time and the only one on my list that I’ve seen live so I know exactly how good they are! They would have to play ‘No One Knows’ which is a predictable choice but just so amazing live; the bass, the riff, the lyrics, the sing-a-long – the perfect live tune for a festival!

Missy Elliott

Missy is one of my idols! I love what she stands for, what she has made happen for herself and her talent both behind the music and fronting it. She would have to do “4 My People'”which is one of my favourite tracks of hers. I can just imagine how this would sound played at a festival on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I will see Missy live, it is one of my life goals!

Fleetwood Mac

I have loved Fleetwood Mac’s music for years but I’ve never managed to see them play live. I’m in awe of Stevie Nicks’ talent (and the rest of the band, of course!) and would love to see the band play ‘Go Your Own Way.’ I think a hazy Sunday afternoon would be the perfect festival setting for appreciating Fleetwood Mac live at a festival