Festivals are the ideal way to watch some of your old favourites play live as well as discover some fresh, new talent along the way. Broken Hands are one of the must-see new bands this summer and destined to become a fast-favourite with festival revellers. Following on from the release of their debut single, “Brother”, Broken Hands are a group fresh from their teens with big ambitions and an already impressive fanbase to boot. “If You Need To Lie” is their latest single and was released at the end of last month following on from their support slot to Band Of Skulls throughout Europe.

Broken Hands are playing at T In The Park on Saturday 7th July 2012. 

Gutter spoke exclusively to them ahead of their festival slot this summer . . .

What are the things you most look forward to when playing festivals this year?   

Our all-time Top 5 elements of festivals are : Freshly caught wild game breakfasts. The freedom to drink what you like, when you like and where you like. The prideful banter between men surrounding the urinal, the smell stinging their nostrils and the steam that rises on a cold day. Rounding up lost children with a flute and delivering them back to their parents. Watching some extremely varied, loud and fulfilling music.

How important do you think the festival circuit is in getting your music out there and your band known?                       

Very important! Everyone’s fair game because it’s an unbiased crowd that is constantly on the move. Besides that, the massive choice of bands to choose from over the day weeds out the poor performers or the buzz bands that don’t live up to it. People will just walk off if it’s not captivating them and word spreads quickly about a great performance which is fantastic if it’s a 3 day festival and you have a couple slots.

What can we expect for your festival slot this year?      

It’s essentially just us putting what we do out there, feeding off the positive reaction & disregarding any negative feedback, valid or not.

Are there any bands that you’re looking forward to seeing yourselves or would recommend?                                               

We caught Willis Earl Beal at Dot To Dot in Manchester and his voice is just transcendent. Disney could sign him up for a Gershwin album, Porgy & Bess or something and it would go triple platinum.

What has been your most memorable experience at a festival as a punter?

After we played, we then lost our AAA privileges for not respecting other artist’s boundaries at our local festival. We won’t say who and we haven’t bought cider since either.