My favourite gig venue isn’t famous or well known.

It is a small studio in Dumbarton called “Deadbeat Studios”.

The reason that such a small venue is among  my favourites is that it is the type of venue where anything can happen (and usually does!)

“Deadbeats Studios” showcases some of the best local talent that Dumbarton has to offer.

I particularly love this venue because of the controversy that surrounds it in my local area. “Deadbeats” has provided young people in Dumbarton a place to drink while watching some great bands play live. Despite, numerous police raids and losing their licence, “Deadbeats” still manage to host a Halloween Gig Night ever year, a popular gig event among teenage punters in Dumbarton.

At the risk of tooting my own horn, one of the best nights I have ever experienced in “Deadbeats” was when my band got the opportunity to play our debut gig at the venue.

We joined forces with two other, newly formed Dumbarton bands and hosted “New Breed”. Needless to say, it was a disaster; the stage was tiny, the lights blinded you and only one of the three microphones actually worked!                

However,  I wouldn’t have wanted our disaster to happen anywhere else except at our own Deadbeat Studios.

Any band in Dumbarton wants to be able to play Deadbeats at some point, it’s the one venue where you can guarantee people will show up. Whether it’s to listen to you play or just to get drunk is always hard to tell but you’ll be having so much fun on stage and with the crowd that you won’t care.

So, if you’re already planning ahead for this Halloween, why don’t you head to Dumbarton and find out for yourself what Deadbeat Studios as to offer (even if you will remember little of it the next morning)