Cold Specks is Canadian singer/songwriter Al Spx, hailing from Etobicoke in the country who has now made London her home.

Her latest release will be a digital download of “Hector” available from 6th August 2012 andĀ takenĀ from the album “I Predict A Graceful Expulsion”.

Cold Specks are lined up to play a string of UK shows and festivals throughout the summer as well as a number of dates worldwide.

The band name is taken from James Joyce’s “Ulysses”.

Al herself describes her sound as ‘Doom Soul,’ a fitting description for
sure. “Hector” is a haunting, dramatic and beautiful piece of work which hints towards an impressive album.

Cold Specks’ sound is timeless, influenced by both contemporary artists
and musical styles from history and also pretty unique in terms of our current musical landscape.

Cold Specks are scheduled to perform at Latitude Festival later this month.