Glasgow girl Sharon Martin has just released her debut solo EP. Sharon is no stranger to the UK music scene and ‘Natural High’ is a release which showcases her on a higher level not seen before in her previous outings as frontwoman for FLESH and The Kingfishers.

The 8 track EP features a range of styles and sounds from the singer/songwriter that are both uptempo and mellow. The upbeat ‘Faith, Hope & Love’ is a highlight: a festival-ready anthem that begs to be played to a big crowd who sing it back to her.

Following is ‘Natural High’ – the title track; a Tracy Chapman-esque song about the uplifting infatuation of love. Sitting perfectly alongside them is the much more downbeat ‘Sorry’ – a beautiful love song made all the more emotional by Martin’s voice which is both simultaneously fragile and strong. ‘Black Kettle’ is an all out rock track with an impressive vocal which leads to the heartfelt ballad ‘Too Late’, the EP’s conclusion.

Sharon Martin clearly has more than enough talent, passion and ambition, so it is only a matter of time before she is noticed on a much wider scale. ‘Natural High’ is a fantastic introduction to an artist with a honed-in sound and strong song writing skills providing lyrics that are perfectly delivered by her versatile voice.