I caught up with one of the UK’s most opinionated indie bands backstage at this year’s T in the Park. The Enemy talk festivals, Scotland and Noel Gallagher:

How’s The Mucky T In The Park Experience Been?
Tom: We flew in yesterday, turned up last night and watched a bunch of stuff from the comfort of our hotel bar. We were told don’t go to site ‘cos it’s flooded and you won’t get in.

Are You Staying Around To Watch Anyone?
T: Nero are on straight after us, I’ve been loving that record so I might hang around and watch them.
Andy: Kasabian and Reverend And The Makers.

Who’s Your Favourite Act At T This Year?
T: I’m gutted I missed Noel [Gallagher] last night. He’s a legend. I don’t idolise anyone but I fucking love Noel, I’ve got a lot of respect for him. He walks on stage and owns a crowd effortlessly. We go on stage and by the end of the gig we own the crowd ‘cos I’ve worked my arse off! When Noel’s on stage, because he’s a fucking genius and done some of the best songs of the last decade, he owns the place before he’s even said a word. He’s just cool as fuck ain’t he?

Who Are Your Top 3 Festival Headliners?
T: Personally I’d have Jimi Hendrix first on, then Led Zeppelin. Just playing Led Zep 2, after that I’d lose interest. Then I’d finish with The Who. Just to watch “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Baba O’Reilly”.It would be amazing!
A: McFly… Nah, seriously I’d go for Blink 182 and Oasis. They’d hate each other but I’d love it. Then maybe some metal band, like Metallica?
T: Get Ozzy Osbourne on! He’s a genius, and a Brummie.
Liam: I think they’ve covered everyone between them. I’d have a mixture of the two.
A: You’d come to our festival, you don’t need your own!

So What’s The Festival Circuit Plans This Year?
T: We’re doing V, Somerset House, Belsonic, Hyde Park [one of the BT London Live Olympic shows].
A: I’m gonna be absolutely fucked for that [Hyde Park]. I’m flying in from a DJ set abroad that morning. I’ll be asleep on stage.

What’s Your Favourite Festival To Play At?
In unison: T In The Park!

You Filmed Your Latest Video At The Barrowlands. What Is It About Scotland You Love So Much?
A: You throw beer at us.
T: I think a lot of it is piss. But Scotland’s the first place it ever went off for us. Cabaret Voltaire was the first place I ever saw a crowd go mad from the point of view of the stage. Scotland showed us what the potential our band had to become. I’ll always love Scotland for that, and I guess you’ll always love us. You really did just adopt us.

What’s Next For The Enemy?
T: Well we’ve got a bunch of festivals and then we’ve got our September/October headline tour. The thing is with festivals you get a 50 minute set but when you’re three albums in, and you’ve got seven singles off one album, it’s tough trying to squeeze that into a set. The headline tour I just can’t wait for, I think it’ll be the best set we’ve ever played.