“ORA”, the self-acronymised, debut album by Jay-Z approved Brit act Rita Ora, is released in the UK on 27th August 2012.


The Kosovan born singer is buzz act of the moment after featuring on ex Bad Company member, DJ Fresh’s February number one “Hot Right Now”, racking up 28 million views on YouTube.

Capitalising on this well received urban triumph, Ora followed this up with her debut solo number one, “R.I.P”, featuring Tinie Tempah enlisting the bass heavy production of Chase & Status.

With a look extending that of hero, Gwen Stefani, Ora has become the most recent poster girl for London stage school graduates, with the aim of “bringing rap to the UK” as a self styled local Rihanna, with the backing of the influential ROC Nation label, who also represent Shakira, MIA and, by no coincidence, Rihanna.

The 3rd single, “How We Do (Party)” has sparked chat among the hip hop hardcore, criticising Ora for using Notorious BIG’s infamous “Party and Bullshit” lyric. Whether or not such a poptastic single can carry the hip hop heavyweight’s kudos is yet to be seen.

“Ora” is released on 27th August 2012 and available for pre order now on ROC Nation/Columbia Records.