Buskers and street performers create an upbeat and lively atmosphere all across Glasgow. It has always maintained to be a free spirited act which allows musicians from all over Glasgow to share their music with the people of Scotland; making it a nicer place to live and boosting our creative community.

However, Glasgow City Council have established a “code of conduct” for buskers to take into consideration when performing on the streets of Glasgow with additional (and very strict) regulations set to be put in place by the end of 2013.

DO be considerate of business and homes and move at least 50 meters away from the previous spot every hour.

DO NOT stay in the same spot and annoy the same people with the same music all day; move around and learn some new songs every now and then.

DO keep all amplified music at a level which does not disrupt businesses and shop owners from doing their jobs; playing The Foo Fighters at the decibels the band themselves do is not necessary.

DO NOT set up within 50 meters of another busker; this city ain’t big enough for the both of you!

DO respect the authority of strathclyde Police if they ask you to move to a different location. Failure to do so may get you charged and have your equipment taken into custody; sing “Anarchy In The UK” but don’t live by it.

DO NOT promote or sell merchandise while busking.

DO NOT set up in front of Hospitals, churches, funeral homes, cemeteries and other areas which require silence; a little common decency and sense.

DO NOT busk after 9pm; there is a good chance that if you do in Glasgow, you’ll be fighting off mindless drunk looking to do a little “street karaoke”.

But, most importantly . . .

DO have fun when busking and remember that you are sharing the music you love to the people of Glasgow and rules are put in place for a reason but not to  stop you from making your music known to the whole world.