Summer 2012 brought my first Wickerman experience in July.

Having tired of Balado’s T In The Park Festival; predictable and somewhat disappointing line-ups, the ever-growing ‘ned culture’ and a 80,000 strong capacity which has a detrimental effect on the campsite and portaloos, I was looking for something more . . .

Wickerman’s family-friendly atmosphere and eclectic line-up answered the prayers of this festival junkie.

Boasting one of the most impressive festival line-ups of the summer, it is difficult to pinpoint just ONE performance as my favourite festival moment; which is why I have narrowed it down to two!

Having followed Kassidy since their early days and been fortunate enough to meet and interview them for Gutter shortly before their debut album, “Hope Street” was released in 2011, I felt a mix of excitement and pride at watching them play the Summerisle Stage at Wickerman 2012. Their set was flawless and showcased perfectly why they are one of the best bands to emerge from Scotland in a long time; signature song (and my personal favourite) “I Don’t Know” saw me swaying and singing along (with a customary beer in hand, obviously).

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, The View took to the stage.

Their zesty, sweaty slot saw the band storm through some of their biggest hits from “Wasted Little DJs” to “Grace” and several core-shakers in between! Kyle Falconer delivered as frontman with a contradictory hybrid of vulnerability and confidence that I never imagined possible but is one of the reasons I have taken The View to my heart.

Closing with “Shock Horror” whipped punters into a frenzy and had me dancing like I required medical attention with no thought or care for the children standing open-mouthed nearby that I was terrifying.

Till Wickerman 2013 . . .