Music is my life. Yes, it’s a cliche but it’s true.

I often joke that I could live without oxygen but not without music (or at least, I appear to be joking . . .)

The First Album I Ever Bought

The first album I ever owned was Kylie Minogue’s debut offering, “Kylie”. Considering I was fairly young when it was released (around 3 years old) I think it’s safe to assume that it was bought for me. Nonetheless, Kylie became an integral part of my childhood; I crimped my blonde hair to mimic her 80s perm, sang along to “I Should Be So Lucky” with my hairbrush as a microphone and mastered the dance routine to “Hand On Your Heart” down to a fine art. I don’t follow Kylie’s career as enthusiastically today as I did then but I always look forward to a dose of her glitzy, synth-soaked pop style with each new album she delivers and the original “Princess Of Pop” is an artist I have yet to (and would love to) see play live.

The Album That Changed My Life

Oasis’ ‘masterpiece’ “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” was released in the summer of 1996 when I was just 10 years old. Despite my naivety, I had already tired of the squeaky-clean array of boybands that dominated the charts and were force-fed to pre-adoloscent girls like me so the Brothers Gallagher became the unlikely answer to my prayers. I was never the same after hearing that album for the first time; I couldn’t get enough of their indie-tinged arrogance and revelled in their “Britpop” rivalry with Blur. Liam Gallagher ignited my infatuation with “badboy frontmen” (he was later replaced by Pete Doherty) and Noel Gallagher has soundtracked most of my young life both with Oasis and nowadays with his High Flying Birds; a legend. I can put on “(What’s The Story) . . .” and I’m 10 again, singing at the top of my voice, arms in the air and dementing the life out of my neighbours.

My Most Memorable Gig

The Killers played Glasgow’s Carling Academy in November 2006; it sold-out in record-breaking time leaving me without a ticket. I had followed the band passionately for two years and this would have been my first opportunity to see them play live. I exhausted all avenues in trying to secure a “gold-dust” ticket with little luck and even my best friend telling me it was impossible. Brandon Flowers took to the stage to raucous applause clad in a short tartan jacket teasing the crowd with, “Shall We?” before ripping into “Sam’s Town”. And me? I was dripping in sweat and singing till my throat was raw just mere feet away in the front row; I had bought a ticket from eBay for 8 times the original ticket price just days before. I was determined to see The Killer play live in such an intimate venue because I knew it would be unlikely to happen again; I was right, they now sell-out arenas and only play small venues in special circumstances. As expected, The Killers didn’t disappoint but surpassed my expectations that night; seeing them play live for the first time should have been enough but knowing how close I was to not being there only fuelled my enthusiasm. I floated home and haven’t really been the same since.

My Favourite Band

No question; U2. Having grown up in a U2-loyal family, their music has always been apart of my life but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I started to appreciate it on my own terms, obsessively listening to albums that had been written, recorded and released before I was even born. I saw them play live in Glasgow as part of their “Elevation World Tour” in late 2001 and I have never looked back. I love that their music has evolved over three decades challenging boundaries and predictability and Bono brings a sense of involvement to a gig that other bands can only imagine; he oozes cool, confidence and charisma like no other frontman I have ever seen. I curse my own bad luck that I was too young to appreciate their “Zoo TV” era in the early ’90s; I have watched the concert DVD live from Sydney more times that I can count but I wish I had experienced “Achtung Baby” on such a grand, live scale for myself.

My Guilty Pleasure

I have made a lot of questionable choices with regard to music over the years; none of which I’m particularly proud of. I bought Gina G’s “Ooh Ah (Just A Little Bit) and I had a Smurfs album when I was at Primary School. However, my guilty pleasure is a band that I’m not ashamed of; I love The Pet Shop Boys and they are a prominent part of my CD collection and one of the best live gigs I have ever seen. I’m a fan of their infectious, synth-soaked pop songs and Neil Tennant’s distinctive voice; yes, they are ridiculously camp but they are responsible for some of the greatest pop songs ever recorded and have inspired a legion of artists; Kylie Minogue, The Killers and Lady GaGa to name but a few. I have no shame in admitting that when “Always On My Mind” blares from the 80s disco, I’ll be first on the dancefloor.