The First Album I Bought

The first album I ever bought was Jive Bunny (YouTube it, kids!) – on cassette while on a family holiday. I must have been very young but I remember being in a record shop and being drawn in by the cartoon cover and then urging my dad to let me buy it. I actually listened to it a lot and although very cheesy, it gave me an introduction to some ‘classic’ songs – not as cool those who chose Nirvana and the likes as their first album, but there we go!

The Album That Changed My Life

It would have to be Incubus ‘Morning View.’ I listened to it religiously for a number of years without ever getting bored of it – I felt like I constantly gained something with each continued listen and still listen to it now. It really reminds me of a time of change in my life and is one of a few really special albums that can take me back years when I listen to it – it always makes me feel a mixture of emotions. It’s such a mix of heavy and delicate and the whole album just sits so perfectly together.

Favourite Gig Experience

My most memorable gigs would have to be Queens Of The Stone Age. I’ve seen them a few times now and the whole band continually blow me away, every time I see them. They work so well together and their passion and talents are so visible. The other reason I’d choose QOTSA gigs is because I always go with a couple of friends and we always end up having a brilliant time together before, during and after the gigs so I’ve got many happy memories from their gigs for a whole host of reasons!

Favourite Band EVER!

I always find it so tough to choose a favourite band as I hate to limit myself in terms of music – but when forced I’d say Queens Of The Stone Age. I really love their whole back catalogue, I listen to them often and never get bored and I’m interested in the musicians who have played with them and also in what various members have done individually, too. I’d say that no matter what my mood, I can put a QOTSA album on and I don’t feel out of place!

My Guilty Pleasure

I grew up with my dad who was completely obsessed with music, he would always have music on and had (and still has!) a massive collection over the house. I listened to so many different sounds growing up and was surrounded by his choices from the obscure to the credible. The bizarre thing was that, as I’d been surrounded by all of this great music, that when I started listening to music, I wanted to find my own identity, as all kids do. I loved blur from a very young age and listened to a lot of indie in my early years but then went off and went through a pop phase – for a number of years I loved pop and that was all I listened to. Looking back, I sort of did the opposite to the norm – I went from ‘credible’ to pop, not the other way round! I saw the light eventually, but that’s not to say that I still know all of the words to a massive amount of pop songs that make me feel all nostalgic when I hear them now, so they would definitely be my ‘guilty pleasure’!