Fresh from supporting Scissor Sisters on tour, Bright Light Bright Light, aka Rod Thomas has just released brand new single, “Feel It” taken from his stunning debut album, “Make Me Believe In Hope” and is on tour this month.

I spoke to him exclusively about inspiration, life on the road with Scissor Sisters, King Tut’s and comparisons to Pet Shop Boys . . .


How would you describe your sound?

Electronic pop that nods to the late 80s and early 90s.

What inspiration do you take from art, literature and sound?

Conversation! Most of my lyrics are more observational than autobiograpical, and a lot of the rhythms and tempos that I use are responses to things I overhear or sounds that punctuate a walk or a night out. I’m really influenced by David Lynch, I love the films from the French New Wave – how editing and movement are used. For the dancier tracks, “Waiting For The Feeling”, Jon Shave and I turned the studio into a club and dimmed the lights, and worked on the song until it made us want to dance. Quite a few different things influence the recording but I usually think of colours and images when I’m working on the sounds too.

How was the experience of touring with Scissor Sisters?

So amazing! They’ve been one of my favourite bands since I first heard themso touring with them was a really incredible experience. They looked after us SO well! I got to perform “Cry At Films'”with Del (Marquis) at Roundhouse which was a really great moment and we went onstage and did “Let’s Have A Kiki” with them which was SO much fun!! Dream tour.

Would you ever consider collaborating with them?

They’re on hiatus at the moment but I really hope so. Del sings on the album version of “Cry At Films” so that’s a good start!

You have been compared to the Pet Shop Boys, how do you feel about that?

It’s very humbling. “Behaviour” is my favourite record so to be compared to one of my all time favourite bands is not something I thought would ever happen!

What can we expect from your show at King Tuts in Glasgow this month

A lot of fun! I really, really love Glasgow and I love King Tut’s! They treat bands so well and there’s usually a brilliant crowd. We’ll be playing a set that will hopefully get everyone dancing.

 New single, “Feel It” is available via iTunes now.

Bright Light, Bright Light plays at King Tuts (Glasgow) on 19th November 2012.