Favourite Female Album

I would be tempted to choose some Ella, Dusty or Nina here but I just can’t get away from this – Missy Elliott’s ‘Under Construction.’

Without even mentioning the boundaries broken by Missy in such a misogynistic genre of music, her production and performance on this album just blew me away upon first listen – and it still does. Turning the usual male discourse of hip-hop on it’s head, she plays to each and every one of them, using it all for her (and our) own amusement and enjoyment.

‘Under Construction’ isn’t just one of the best female albums, it is in fact one of the best hip-hop albums ever produced on this planet – it just happens to be by a lady!

Most Over-Rated Female Artist/Band

I’d have to say Madonna.

I don’t have the nostalgic feelings that many have of Madonna, so my opinion of her is really just a face value opinion.

Sure, she has some good songs and she can move around pretty well, but there is just something missing for me.

I don’t know what but I just don’t see what many others do in her.

Definitive Girl Power Anthem

Again, it would be fitting to choose something ‘classic’ here, but I’m going to go modern again – with a track that really sounds like ‘girl power’ to me – Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin.’

The sheer mention of Courtney Love can provoke some very adverse reactions, and usually comes with a heavy debate, but I love everything about this track (and indeed, much of Hole’s music).

There will always be the ‘is it about Kurt? What is the track abou?t’ discussions on a million forums of music fans around the world, but I don’t have an interest in that.

Courtney sings her heart out, the track is so well put together and the lyrics can be applied in any way you wish really.

The Woman Music Could NOT Be Without!

PJ Harvey.

I think PJ is so inspirational, a woman who won’t let herself be moved or changed by others boundaries, holding her own every step of the way.

Sitting happily with both male and female peers of the music world, she does both with confidence and such tremendous talent. Her lyrics are profound, important and also very personal – every girl should own at least one of her albums.

I think PJ Harvey is important in a world when genres and indeed genders sometimes blur, she stands for raw emotion and strength.