Cora Bissett’s “Glasgow Girls” has caused quite¬†a stir amid the asylum seeker debate.

Common themes emerging in local chatter including the impact and decline of the labour market, soft touch Britain and a “they get everything” mindset are all addressed in the true story of families losing their children to border security detainment.

In addition to the counter arguments highlighting the fact that most asylum seekers and refugees cannot work here legally until granted resident status and that many are escaping torture, persecution and death at the hands of civil war, is a story of young girls fighting together regardless of nationality or roots. The fear associated with being a victim of a dawn raid and deportation is personified by Patricia Panther’s “Cuff You”, an original track by Panther, who also features in the play as many different characters.

When performing “Cuff You”, its like being at her own concert, if you pardon the X Factor lingo, as she owns the stage with her incredible vocals.

The final scene featuring a track by Glasgow’s reggae dub queen MC Soom T¬†concludes the show with a bang, and leaves us all wondering about the prejudices that we hear all around us.

“Glasgow Girls” is presented by the National Theatre of Scotland, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Citizens Theatre, Pachamama Productions, Richard Jordan Productions Ltd in association with Merrigong Theatre Company (Australia)