Favourite Female Album


The 1976 self-titled, debut album from The Runaways is a passionate, edgy representation of female rock; ideal for every mood but tends to give me the urge to play air guitar before trashing my bedroom! Cherie Currie’s raw vocal power combined with Joan Jett’s face-melting guitar is a testament to the origins of girl power.

Defintive Girl Power Anthem

No Doubt’s “Just A Girl”, a song about frustration over female stereotypes may seem an odd choice for a girl power anthem but I can’t help but love Gwen Stefani’s ska-soaked sneer at the idea of women being the weaker sex.

Most Over-Rated Female Artist/Band

I’m going to run the risk of becoming a social piranha with this and opt for Adele. There is no denying that she has an impressive voice and I admire that she embraces her curvy figure and doesn’t give in to pressure to look a certain way; a positive example for young women everywhere. However, I find it incredible that she has based a successful music career on repeating a predictable formula of a “love lost”-laced soundtrack.

The Woman Music Could NOT Be Without

Lady GaGa. Love her or loathe her, there is no denying that she has made an impact that most could only imagine. Mother Monster may have been compared to Queen Of Pop, Madonna but she is a credible and relevant force in her own right; a talented songwriter, an innovative performer and not afraid to push the boundaries to new realms in both music and fashion. It would be rather dull without her . . .