“I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time”

Love her or loathe her, there is no denying that when it comes to Top Of The Pops Lady GaGa is the cream of the crop.

 In less than a decade, GaGa has revolutionised the face of modern music.

Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germonatta on 28th March 1986 in New York City, she was educated at The Convent Of The Sacred Heart before studying briefly at New York University.

Stefani teamed up with fellow performer, Lady Starlight in her late teens and learned her craft playing small gay clubs, neo-burlesque clubs and go-go dancing nightspots as far afield as Europe.

“Don’t ever call me Stefani again”

Lady GaGa was born when the predictive text on friend and music producer, Rob Fusari’s phone exhanged radio to lady after he texted her about Queen’s signature anthem, “Radio GaGa”.

GaGa signed to Streamline Records in 2007 and debut album, “The Fame” was released in 2008 spawning smash-hit singles, “Poker Face”, “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi”.

Spin-off effort, “The Fame Monster” arrived in November 2009 and included controversial Beyonce collaboration, “Telephone” and “Bad Romance” which hit the top spot in the UK twice.

“Born This Way” was released in May 2011 and has sold 8 million copies worldwide to date and forthcoming album, “ArtPop” is reportedly set for release in early 2013.

Mother Monster has influenced my attitude, CD collection and wardrobe.

GaGa’s career has been influenced by her love of David Bowie, Madonna, Queen and Prince; she has taken the best of glam rock, pop and R ‘N’ B and revamped it relevant for the 21st Century.

However, the similarities between GaGa and Queen Of Pop, Madonna have plagued her career; yes, “Born This Way” echoes Madonna’s 90s dance-driven, “Express Yourself” more than it should and GaGa’s courtship with controversy mirrors Madge’s wild-child heyday.

Mother Monster takes the combination of music and fashion to a realm that Madonna could only dream of; cross-burning has been shelved in favour of boyfriend-poisoning, mass homicide and disco-sticks.

Madonna wore the cone bra. Lady GaGa wore the meat dress.

GaGa has dominated and soundtracked this generation for the past five years with slices of cool, credible pop that challenge the ideals of taste and convention.

Her unpreditable flirtation with fashion leaves wannabe “shock-frock” fans Rihanna and Nicki Minaj trailing in her wake and the media on the edge of their seats salivating over what she will do next.

GaGa has sold 23 million albums and 64 millions singles worldwide.

Who cares?!

Lady GaGa’s innovation, creativity and courage are what makes her one of the most relevant and important women in music.


Mother Monster’s tireless promotion of positivity, self-belief and confidence, her close-knit bond with a fan base of millions, her ability to produce polished-perfect pop, her innovative attitude towards music videos, her fearless flirtation with fashion and her heroic challenging of social expectations of feminity and sexuality.


Lady GaGa; there has never been anyone like her and there never will be again.

“They can’t scare me . . . if I scare them first”