Brody Dalle is best known as the frontwoman of The Distillers; establishing herself as one of the leading females of underground music, as the band slowly progressed to the mainstream.

Discovering Nirvana and Hole at the tender age of 12, Dalle got her first guitar the very next year.

Three years later and her first band Sourpuss played a festival set in her native Australia. This is where she met Tim Armstrong, frontman of Rancid, who she then went on to marry at the age of 18, after lying about her age in the early days of their relationship.

Brody relocated from Melbourne with Armstrong, where she founded The Distillers, who released their self-titled debut album in 2000 bringing her and the band fame and many comparisons of Dalle to other female artists.

A lineup change saw the release of their second album, “Sing Sing Death House” and by the time of the release of their third album, “Coral Fang”, Brody was the only original member remaining.

Dalle and Armstrong divorced in 2003 and when The Distillers disbanded Dalle formed Spinnerette with Alain Johannes, a member of Eleven.

Soon after her divorce from Tim Armstrong, Brody started dating Queens Of The Stone Age’s Joshua Homme, who she later married in 2007 and now has two children with.

Spinnerette’s EP, “Ghetto Love”, was released in 2008 and their follow-up LP, “Spinnerette” was released in 2009.

In addition to this, she has featured on albums by Transplants, Queens Of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal and Boots Electric. Dalle has recently announced on Twitter that she is working on a solo album, collaboratingwith Alain Johannes, as well as Michael Shuman of Queens Of The Stone Age and Garbage’s Shirley Manson.

I think Brody Dalle is an inspirational woman in music as she appears very grounded and in control. She’s sexy, but not in a ‘flashing-it-all’ way, and her voice is deep, distinct and gravelly, which sets her apart from a lot of female artists out there.

It’s hard to say what her appeal is; she is undoubtedly beautiful, but she also just comes across as really ‘cool’ – in the real sense of the word. A girl with a guitar is sometimes a bit of a novelty, but Dalle can actually play and she’s always formed bands herself, meaning she’s been in control of what sort of music she’s putting out there. Additionally, judging by a lot of her Twitter posts, retweets and links, she really cares about our world – current affairs, human rights, world issues and animal rights are just some of the things I’ve seen her comment on.

She’s a mum, a wife and an inspiring musician and most importantly – she gets to wake up with Joshua Homme everyday – what’s not to love?!