Song Of 2012  A Greater Foundation, As I Lay Dying

This marked the return for the Californian heavy metal band as the first
single from their fifth studio album “Awakened”. “A Greater Foundation” was a step up from As I Lay Dying’s previous songs as it was faster, heavier, and more complex than previous efforts. The song follows their classic style while adding new elements which give the band more range and diversity in comparison to their heavy metal
counterparts. Being my favourite band, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of quality this song delivered and reminded me once again why I love them so much.

Gig Of 2012 Trivium, ABC Glasgow

Trivium just get better and better every time I see them and this year at the ABC was by far the best live performance I have seen from any band to
date. Trivium were supported by As I Lay Dying just as their album was released and it was so great to see my two favourite bands playing on the same night. Trivium were entertaining and energetic and played a wide range of songs from their albums, which were both catchy to sing along to and made for some brutal circle pits.

Festival Moment Of 2012 Download Festival

Where do I even begin?! Download 2012 was my first festival experience and aside from a little flooding, was the greatest weekend of my life! Some of my favourite moments of Download was getting very drunk, seeing Metallica live and. . .  getting very drunk! The whole weekend was an experience that I’ll never forget; getting to see so many amazing bands in one weekend was so much for me to handle it caused me to throw up during Anthrax – or was that from the booze?!

Shock/Scandal Of 2012, Randy Blythe’s Arrest

Definitely the biggest shock of this year was when Lamb Of God frontman, Randy Blythe was arrested by the Czech Republic police force following
their arrival in Prague under suspicion of manslaughter. Back in 2010, Lamb Of God played Club Abaton in Prague, where a
video was shown of a fan running on stage and allegedly being pushed off the stage by Blythe during the set. The fan suffered multiple head injuries from falling and died 14 days later in hospital. No-one from Lamb Of God had heard that the fan had died and it came as a tremndous shock to them when police were waiting on their arrival
to arrest Bylthe. Randy Bylthe spent a month in prison and Lamb of God was forced to cancel the rest of their tour. Blythe was eventually released on bail: funded by the band and donations from fans.  Following his release, Blythe returned to the US and when interviewed said, “Going to prison sucks.” Blythe will still have to stand trial in Prague in the next few months, something he is willing to accept. “I can’t claim responsibility for this because I am innocent; I believe that in my heart of hearts; if I thought I was guilty, then I wouldn’t even have accepted bail.”

Highlight Of 2012, Trivium Competition Winner!

In September, I entered a competition for a chance to meet Trivium backstage before their show in Glasgow. I simply had to share their status and say why I deserved to meet them. I expressed my love of Trivium; saying they are one of my favourite bands and how they have inspired me as a musician. I won! Meeting Trivium was my highlight of 2012; it was a huge honour for me to
be standing in the same room as my idols and inspiration. I talked with them, got picturestaken with them and got my Jackson guitar autographed; it now has pride of place on my wall, never to be played again!