Song Of 2012 Cold, Blood Red Shoes

This Brighton 2 piece sound like a 4 piece and stick to their grunge roots with this dynamic and singalong track from album, “In Time to Voices”.

Album Of 2012  Four, Bloc Party

Much anticiipated and heavily criticized, Bloc Party take out all the sampling and remixes and go back to basics with loud guitars and astounding drumming.  Highlight track “Truth” shows that they can still retain pop sensibility without the heavier production.

Style Icon Of 2012 Ritzy Bryan, Joy Formidable

Ritzy Bryan is one of the very few female frontwomen with a strong distinctive look, evoking that of Debbie Harry and Courtney Love.  And, an even stronger sound and talent to match.

Gig Of 2012 Jacques Lu Cont, Death Disco, The Arches, Glasgow

The final Death Disco was headed up by mega pop producer Jacques Lu Cont, who has remixed Madonna, Kylie and the Scissor Sisters.  One of the busiest and most vibrant nights ever at The Arches.

Festival Moment Of 2012 Blood Red Shoes, Reading Festival

Blood Red Shoes again proved that either on record or live, they only need 2 of them to create a punky, overdriven vibe with festival anthems like “Cold”, “It’s Getting Boring By The Sea” and “Heartsink”.

Scandal/Shock Of 2012 Lana Del Rays lips

Much hype and controversy surrounded Lana’s authenticity. In the end this built her career and proved that no publicity is better than bad publicity.

Highlight Of 2012: “The Big Roar”, The Joy Formidable and 2013 Tour

The Joy Formidable’s “The Big Roar” brought elements of 90s shoegaze bang up to date with festival anthems and bittersweet vocals. Standout tracks included “Cradle”, “Austere”, “Heavy Abacus” and “Whirring”. The recently announced tour for early 2013 is almost sold out already, proving their commercial appeal as well as being the musos choice