The Dundee bunch didn’t disappoint as they came back for the second of their two-night run at Glasgow’s treasured venue, The Barrowlands on Wednesday night.

The View could no doubt fill a venue more than double the size of The Barrowlands – especially in their native Scotland – but there is a magic about the Glasgow venue which draws big names and small, and ensures an epic evening.

December 18th was no different, after Liverpudlian lads The Razz and local boys Babystrange warmed the crowd, The View started their set with a bang. Or hit song “Grace” to be precise. The high energy performance continued into crowd-pleaser “Wasted Little DJs”, sending the audience into a dancing, beer-throwing frenzy.

Shortly after, frontman Kyle Falconer handed the reigns over to bassist Keiren Webster for a few tunes including “Skag Trendy” and “Grans For Tea”. The cheeky chappy also managed to wangle himself “one more song tonight!” and launched into “Realisation” before reclaiming his space stage left.

Falconer then charmed the crowd with a solo rendition of “Tacky Tattoo”, with just himself and a piano. The song gave the enthusiastic crowd – and band! – a breather before firing into more songs from latest album “Cheeky For A Reason”, including “How Long?” and “AB (We Need Treatment)”.

Although their Dundee drawl can often be hard to understand, the boys were not short of banter, having some crowd-participation spawning from chat about BBC TV show ‘The Scheme’ (as an opener for “Bullet“, the name of the dog in the show) while also giving the crowd an off-the-cuff verse and chorus of Oasis classic, “Cigarettes and Alcohol”.

Shortly after, Falconer proclaimed “Anfield Row” as a “song for Peter Crouch,” much to the confusion of the crowd (the song is allegedly about the area Webster grew up in, not Liverpool) until the man himself leapt on stage holding a beer and cheering.

They then finished with a barrage of hits including “Same Jeans” and “Superstar Tradesman”, and in true View style, managed to run over the 11pm curfew. This only meant no off-the-stage-on-the-stage encore debacle could ensue, as they boys kept playing right up until the last note of “Shock Horror”.

As the lights came up and the crowd dispersed, there were still chants of “Shock Horror” into the night, as The View no doubt ensured a very merry Christmas for their loyal fans.