Let’s face it, 2012 has been a weird year. We were lead to believe that this year was the end of life as we know it, thankfully we survived yet another “doomsday” prophecy. To me, as soon as 2012 began, the whole world went a little bit crazy; here are some of the weird and wonderful highlights of the past 12 months . . .

Gangnam Style

What can I really say about this song that hasn’t been said before? Originally released in July 2012, “Gangnam Style” was the first K-pop song to breakthough in the UK . . . And America . . . And Europe . . . And the rest of the world! It has one of the weirdest, most random music videos of all time; most people can’t decide whether they are laughing at Psy or the ridiculour choreography. The song is basically LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”, except the lyrics don’t matter. No, wait . . . it’s EXACTLY like “Party Rock Anthem”! Love it or loathe it, “Gangnam Style” has become a fast-favourite in clubs and on radio, mostly out of irony, of course!

Comic Book Movies

2012 was a great year for comic book heroes taking to the big screen. Between 1990-2002, we were truly spoiled with comic book movies; Batman, Spiderman and The Blade were among some of the best but Catwoman, Hellboy, Daredevil and Electra took comic books turned movies to a whole new low. 2012 introduced a new wave of comic book movies with The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman and Judge Dredd 3D; these films returned to how comic book films should look and sound mixing darkness with just the right amount of comic book humour. 2013 look set to continue this successful trend with Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Superman.

Disney & Star Wars Join Forces

George Lucas handed over the keys of the Millennium Falcon to Mickey Mouse and, indeed the entire Star Wars galaxy over to the great empire of Disney. This came as a huge shock to everyone, after all it was Disney and Star Wars (??) No-one thought that these two forces would ever come together, yet here they are buying over Lucas films for over $4.4 billion with production of “Star Wars : Episdoe 7” already underway. Many have speculated whether or not Disney can pull it off but they have certainly been apart of weirder crossovers and collaborations; they previously teamed up with Square Enix to produce “Kingdom Hearts”.”Episode 7″ is set for release in 2015 with “Episode 8” and “Episode 9” following on a two-year gap.

2012 has been wonderfully weird, let’s hope Earth can survive another year of madness.